Menü Simge

Gigra Fire Intervention Robot

Mobile PlatformWater MonitorsControl Panel

316 stainless steel water proof body

Double stainless steel tracks

Temperature resistance 300°

Inside body insolation: double layers material resist up to 900°

Stairs climbing 35°

Double water connections with automatic release function

Pulling capability 200m 1.5" two empty hoses

Pulling capability 1OOm 1.5" two hoses full of water Integrated charging system

4 hours continuous operating time

0-6 km adjustable speed

2 front, 2 back LED lightings

Wireless communication up to 500m open area, 100m inside

Back and front day/night cameras

2 water monitor cameras with zooming function

360°horizontal rotation (max.18°/sec)

180° vertical movement

Flow capacity 400-1800 1/m at 10 bar

Throwing distance 65m (71 Yards)

Max. operating  pressure 16 bar

Chassis material stainless steel 316

Nozzle material stainless steel 3161, bronze stream haper

IP 65 standart cabinet

Automatic release quick coupling button

2 way communication system

2 joysticks for water monitors and driving

1 joystick for chemical powder bullets launcher

15"LCD screen

Mono and multivision screen

4 hours operating time