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This revolutionary GIGRA metal detector is worn on the hand, not held, allowing for full use of fingers and hands as the situation requires. It alerts the user of metal detection and not the suspect by vibrating.Razors and knives hidden in heavy coats are soon detected and the users’ hands are free while conducting a search. It can detect a safety pin or staple hidden in a prisoners mouth.

GIGRA can adjust to fit all hand sizes, male or female and can be worn on either hand and one standard 9-volt battery provides 4 months of normal use and the early low-battery indicator helps to ensure consistent performance.

It can be used in ALL weather conditions and is water and salt water resistant.

The "GIGRA metal detector" allows the user to defend him/herself if the need arises as it is hand worn unlike other hand held detectors; therefore, it will enhance officers’ safety.

Civilian applications: Security personnel, Emergency Medical Teams and Nightclub Doormen and School Security Staff.


The GIGRA unit does not prevent or slow down an officer’s response to any threat that they may be confronted with while working on the streets or in a corrections environment.

An officer using the GIGRA will still be able to draw and fire any type of firearm or Taser as well as use pepper spray, a baton, or go hands on with a subject without any interference from the unit. The same cannot be said for the metal detector glove or the hand held metal detector wand.


  • Hidden On/Off switch with vibration confirmation
  • Powered by a single 9-volt alkaline battery
  • Low battery warning
  • Simple battery replacement
  • No tuning or adjustment required
  • Vibration upon detection of metal
  • No visual or audible signals
  • One size fits all
High sensitivity

  • 1.0 cmx 0.10cm copper disk detected at3.0 cmdistance
  • Small wire objects detected at 1.75cm distance
  • Knife or pistol detected at 5.0cm distance (depending on alloy)
  • Can detect staples, safety pins and handcuff keys
Dimensions     :7,62 cm x 10,16 cm x1.9 cm  (on hand)

Weight             : 62,5 gr (without battery)

The quality made GIGRA holster is sleek and durable. The holster can store the GIGRA easily and requires little space at 10cm x 12,5cm and a mere 4.75cm thick. Fitted with a plated steel clip which can be worn with or without a belt for easy-on, easy-off access. This holster enables the customers to have their GIGRA with them and the unit is available and ready for use at all times.    

Gigra charging unit enables you to charge the battery over 230V line voltage.

The feature of the battery’s long life allows you to use the detector in long t erm.